Travel flexibly and easily in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg with FAIRTIQ.

The ticket app, specially developed for public transport users, enables passengers to travel without a ticket by checking in with a swipe before starting the journey and checking out with another swipe after the journey. Based on the mobile phone's location, the system recognizes the route covered and can determine and charge for the right ticket. The FAIRTIQ ticket app enables zone-free and border-free driving on the LIEmobil route network as well as throughout Switzerland and Vorarlberg.

SBB Mobile

With the EasyRide function, SBB Mobile can be used not only to buy tickets for Switzerland, but also for Liechtenstein. This also applies to tickets bought online at

öV Plus

In the app tickets for Switzerland, Liechtenstein as well as corss-border-tickets can be purchased. The app also shows the departure times at the next bus stop. 


Completely carefree with the LIEmobil annual pass

The LIEmobil annual pass is the most convenient and cheapest form of mobility in Liechtenstein. Buying an annual pass is worthwhile for just a few months. All Liechtenstein cities also refund their residents a share of the annual pass.

Reduced rate

  • Children and young people up to one day before their 25th birthday
  • Seniors from the 65th birthday
  • IV recipients


Free ride

  • Accompanied children before the 6th birthday
  • Children with junior card
  • With «GA pass»
  • Accompanying person of a passenger with the «ID card for passengers with a disability"
  • Guide dogs


Annual passes for families

With the annual pass for families for CHF 740, parents, all children up to the day before their 25th birthday and dogs can travel on the LIEmobil route network all year round.

Impersonal annual pass

The impersonal annual pass is transferrable and costs CHF 740. It cannot be replaced if lost.


Special rates

  • Dog annual pass for 80 CHF
  • Annual bike pass for 80 CHF

Mobile pass

Every annual pass customer receives the access data with the dispatch of their plastic card, with which the mobile pass can be added to the wallet on their smartphone in just a few steps. It is sufficient if one is carried on the bus and can be shown.

Good to know:

  • The mobile pass can only be installed on one device at a time. If the pass is downloaded to a second device, the installation on the first device will be marked as invalid.
  • When using the digital pass in LIEmobil scheduled services, the passenger is responsible for ensuring that their mobile device is charged, internet-enabled and functional.

Prices for annual passes



Full price

Reduced price

All Zones 370 CHF 280 CHF
2 Zones 280 CHF 210 CHF
City pass "Gemeindeabo" 180 CHF 120 CHF
Country pass "Landesabo" 340 CHF 260 CHF

LIEmobil travelcard for the Swisspass

You can also load the LIEmobil annual travelcard onto your Swisspass. Buy your travelcard via the Ostwind store and have it loaded directly onto your Swisspass. Please note that you must select the correct number of zones. You can find more information here:


Travel flexibly with individual tickets

Single tickets, daily, weekly and monthly tickets can be bought in the LIEmobil customer center in Schaan or directly from the driver in all LIEmobil buses and in the vehicles of the VVV.

Reduced rate for single tickets/day tickets:

  • Children up to one day before their 16th birthday
  • With a half-fare travelcard
  • Dogs
  • Bikes
  • Groups of 10 or more people

Free travel single tickets/day tickets:

  • Accompanied children before the 6th birthday
  • Children from 6 to 15 with a junior card (SBB Junior-/Kindermitfahrkarte) accompanied by the person registered on the SwissPass
  • With «GA pass»
  • Day pass municipality
  • Accompanying person of a passenger with the «ID card for passengers with a disability"
  • Guide dogs

Reduced rate for weekly/monthly tickets:

  • Children and young people up to one day before their 25th birthday
  • Seniors from the 65th birthday
  • IV recipients
  • Dogs
  • Bikes

Free travel weekly/monthly tickets:

  • Accompanied children before the 6th birthday
  • Children with junior card












Short Distance CHF 2.–   CHF 2.–  
1 Zone CHF 3.– CHF 5.– CHF 2.50 CHF 4.–
2 Zones CHF 4.– CHF 7.– CHF 3.– CHF 5.–
3 Zones CHF 6.– CHF 10.– CHF 3.50 CHF 6.–
All Zones CHF 8.– CHF 12.– CHF 4.– CHF 7.–


Validity Single Tickets

  • Short Distance: 10 minutes (maximal 5 bus stops – see printed timetables on each bus stop)
  • 1 Zone: 30 minutes
  • 2 to 3 Zones: 1 hour
  • from 4 Zones: 2 hours
  • Bike: 2 hours

Regulations for two-wheelers and four-legged friends


  • Annual bike pass: 80 CHF
  • Other bicycle tickets: reduced tariff
  • Transport only if there is sufficient capacity, people with prams and passengers in wheelchairs have priority
  • On line 21, the vehicles are equipped with bicycle racks in summer
  • Unicycles and non-motorized kick scooters, bicycles for children under the age of 6 as well as folding bicycles, e-scooters, scooters, etc. in folded condition are transported free of charge when folded.



  • Dog annual pass: 80 CHF
  • Other dog tickets: reduced tariff
  • Muzzles are compulsory in Vorarlberg (also within LIEmobil buses)
  • Free transport in a suitable container (up to max. 30cm shoulder height)
  • Guide and assistance dogs travel free of charge if the passenger can present an "accompanying person's card".

Zone Plan

  • All tickets and passes are zone-based and entitle you to any journey within the printed zones and the period of validity.
  • LIEmobil tickets are available for whole Liechtenstein and across the border to Sennwald Post, Buchs Bahnhof, Sevelen Büeli and Sargans Bahnhof.
  • LIEmobil annual passes «Zones 300 307» are valid on the LIEmobil route network up to Feldkirch train station (incl. route 470).
  • LIEmobil tickets «all zones» are valid:
    • throughout Liechtenstein and across the border to Sennwald Post, Buchs Bahnhof, Sevelen Büeli and Sargans Bahnhof
      in the LIEmobil line network and on line 470 to Feldkirch train station
    • on the ÖBB train from Buchs to Feldkirch in second class
  • The country pass «Landesabo» covers zones 301, 303, 305 and 307.
  • The city pass «Gemeindeabo is available for the following communities: Balzers, Triesen, Vaduz, Triesenberg-Malbun-Gaflei, Schaan, Planken, Gamprin-Bendern, Eschen-Nendeln, Mauren-Schaanwald, Schellenberg or Ruggell.

LIEmobil tariffs in Liechtenstein and cross-border tariffs

Travel in Liechtenstein: LIEmobil tariff

  • The LIEmobil tariff is used within Liechtenstein and across borders on the LIEmobil lines to Sennwald Post, Buchs Bahnhof, Sevelen Büeli and Sargans Bahnhof.
  • Tickets and passes for all zones are valid on the LIEmobil lines as well as on line 470 to Feldkirch train station and on the train between Buchs and Feldkirch in second class.
  • The general and half-fare travelcard, the municipal day tickets and a large number of other Swiss tickets are valid on the entire LIEmobil route network and on the S-Bahn between Buchs and Nendeln.

Travel to Austria: LIEmobil-VVV combined tariff

  • For cross-border journeys to Austria, the LIEmobil-VVV combined tariff with its own provisions applies.
  • The VVV tariff applies to journeys in the LIEmobil buses within Vorarlberg.
  • The VVV Maximo pass is valid in the VVV network and on the train between Feldkirch and Buchs.
  • LIEmobil passes and tickets for all zones and for zones 300/307 are also valid on line 70 and on the train to Feldkirch station.
  • In the LIEmobil buses, tickets can be bought for the entire VVV area.
  • In the LIEmobil customer center and in the service office Mobilpunkt of the VVV, cross-border annual passes can be purchased with the combined tariff.​

Travel to Eastern Switzerland: OSTWIND tariff

  • The LIEmobil tariff applies across borders to the stops at Sennwald Post, Buchs Bahnohf, Sevelen Büeli and Sargans Bahnhof.
  • The OSTWIND tariff applies to cross-border journeys to Switzerland that go beyond the LIEmobil route network and to journeys within Eastern Switzerland (Ostwind).
  • Tickets for the entire OSTWIND tariff network are available in the LIEmobil vehicles. These are sold at the OSTWIND tariffs and regulations.
  • Annual passes are also available from OSTWIND sales outlets (e.g. SBB counters), which include zones in OSTWIND as well as zones in Liechtenstein.

Travel throughout Switzerland: Direct traffic

  • SBB tickets can be bought from any location in Switzerland to Liechtenstein.
  • The GA travelcard has unlimited validity within the LIEmobil line network (including the Buchs–Nendeln railway line).
  • The Half-Fare travelcard entitles you to purchase discounted single trips and day tickets.
  • The youth pass GA Night is also valid in the LIEmobil line network.

A valid ticket is mandatory


A valid ticket must be carried with you every time you travel with the LIEmobil buses. Drivers are generally authorized to check tickets. From 8 p.m., the front door is to be used to board the buses and the tickets are to be shown to the driver without being asked.

Ticket checks

During a journey, passengers may be asked by the control staff to show their tickets. If the inspectors identify passengers without a valid ticket, their personal details are recorded and the flat-rate fare plus a surcharge is collected. In addition, the person at fault can be excluded from continuing the journey.

Surcharge and Handling Fee

According to the Passenger Transport Act ((PGB), LBGL 1999 No.37, Art.31), a surcharge will be levied in addition to the fare if passengers cannot show a valid ticket. The flat-rate fare is CHF 5 for passengers with a partly valid ticket and CHF 10 for passengers with without valid ticket. The flat-rate fare is valid as a bus ticket during one hour. The surcharge is at least CHF 70 for passengers with a partly valid ticket and CHF 90 for passengers with without valid ticket. The processing fee is CHF 30. 

Forgot annual pass

If you forget your personal annual pass, you have to pay the flat-rate fare. LIEmobil can refrain from charging the flat-rate fare and presenting the pass if the identity and validity of the pass can be determined beyond doubt during the check and the incident has occurred for the first time per pass. If this is not the case, the personal pass must be presented to the LIEmobil customer center within ten working days (from the date of the check) and the flat-rate fare paid. If this is not done, the processing fee must be paid in addition to the flat-rate fare. The sending in of photocopied annual passes and the subsequent presentation of impersonal tickets will not be accepted.



The fare flat rate/surcharge/processing fee can be paid in cash in the customer center or as a deposit to the following account:


Payee: Verkehrsbetrieb LIECHTENSTEINmobil, Postplatz 5, 9494 Schaan

IBAN CH46 0900 0000 8531 3313 6
PostFinance, Bern


All ticket and passes sales points at a glance


LIEmobil customer center

Postplatz 5

9494 Schaan

+423 237 94 94

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9 to 12 and 13 to 17


Sale of LIEmobil annual passes, monthly, weekly, daily and single tickets as well as cross-border tickets to the entire VVV and Ostwind area and combined annual passes to the VVV area.


Mobile point VVV Feldkirch

Bahnhofstrasse 40

6800 Feldkirch, Österreich

+43 5522 83951

Sale of cross-border combined annual passes, monthly, weekly, daily and single tickets


SBB counters at the train stations

Sale of LIEmobil annual passes «all zones» and «2 zones” on SwissPass.