Easy. Quickly. Everywhere.

LIEmobil organises, coordinates, and operates a nationwide bike rental system, LIEbike. LIEbike makes it possible to get anywhere as easily and quickly as possible and serves as an extension of the bus route network.


The LIEbike pilot phase has started in late summer 2022 in the municipalities of Vaduz, Schaan, Gamprin-Bendern, Eschen and Ruggell. After the pilot phase, the rental system can be extended to other communities and also to company locations in the country. A nationwide bike rental system creates the opportunity to link routes that cannot be networked by motorised traffic.


The stations are recognisable by the distinctive LIEmobil lime colour.


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70 e-bikes, 22 stations

Current rental stations:

  • Vaduz, Vadozner Huus
  • Vaduz, Parkhaus Marktplatz
  • Vaduz, Rheinpark Stadion
  • Vaduz, Universität Liechtenstein
  • Vaduz, Mühleholzmarkt
  • Vaduz, Au
  • Vaduz, Ebenholz/Universität
  • Vaduz, Rütti
  • Vaduz, Schaanerstrasse
  • Vaduz, Schwimmbad Mühleholz
  • Vaduz, Wuhrstrasse
  • Schaan, Lindahof
  • Schaan, Bahnhof
  • Schaan, St. Peter
  • Schaan, Auxilia
  • Schaan, Jugendherberge
  • Bendern, Parkhaus Rhi
  • Bendern, Post
  • Gamprin, Freizeitanlage Grossabünt
  • Gamprin, Gemeindehaus
  • Ruggell, Rathaus
  • Ruggell, Industriering 
  • Ruggell, Freizeitpark Widau
  • Eschen, Gemeindehaus
  • Eschen, Feuerwehrdepot/Presta

The e-bikes can be borrowed and returned here

The LIEbike fleet initially consists of 70 e-bikes, which are available to the users at 22 stations in the selected communities at low cost.

The quality of the e-bikes and the associated safety of the cyclists is extremely important. All ages and standards of users are addressed - from young to old, commuters, leisure cyclists and tourists.

Bicycles offer public transport users a suitable means of transport for the route from the bus stop to work or home. Traffic jams are not an obstacle for cyclists, so you often get to your destination faster over short distances. The electric-powered bikes make tackling everyday journeys, even on steep routes, a lot easier with less effort required.

The stations are located near well-frequented bus stops and at various sites within the neighbourhoods served. The stations are easily displayed on the map in the LIEbike app. The e-bikes can be borrowed or returned at the stations.

At each station, an information board explains the lending process.


Get the LIEbike app!

Handling the bikes is user-friendly and easy.

With the LIEbike app, anyone can register in just a few steps, choose a usage period of 30 minutes or an annual pass, scan the QR code and start riding right away.

The use of the LIEbikes is controlled by the app, so registration is required. Before you use LIEBikes for the first time, download the app and confirm your registration in four easy steps:

1. Download the LIEbike app!
2. Scan the identity card (ID, passport or driver's license). Our e-bikes can be rented from the age of 16. With a moped test, the LIEbikes can be rented from the age of 14.
3. Provide a valid credit card.
4. Wait for confirmation.




Rent and go

  1. Find a LIEbike station near you.
  2. Open the LIEbike app. If you are not yet registered, get the app first.
  3. Scan the QR code on the e-bike to start the rental and unlock the e-bike.
  4. Now you can start. Have a good ride!
  5. At your destination, find a station near you to end the ride.
  6. Please note: the LIEbike must be parked at a LIEbike station to end your ride.

Cheap on the go

Single trips and day tickets can be booked conveniently using the LIEbike app.

You can save money with an annual pass even if you only use it for a few months. 





Standard rate 30 minutes  2 CHF
Day ticket 24 hours 20 CHF
Annual pass 1 year 100 CHF


Standard rate: From the 1st minute, the normal rate of CHF 2.00 per half hour applies.

Day ticket: The day ticket must be selected in advance as a tariff in the LIEbike app.

Annual pass: With the annual pass, the first 30 minutes are free. This solution is ideal for daily short-distance journeys.

Prepaid: With every pre-payment of CHF 10.00, the customer receives an additional CHF 1.00 for free.


Privacy policy, fees and contract

Information to the privacy policy (in German only):


Terms of service and fees (in German only):