Bus decals and advertising screens

Your advertising with the LIEmobil buses
LIEmobil moves the country – thousands of people are on the move in our vehicles. More than 40 vehicles drive through three countries at the same time. Your advertising in and on the vehicles reaches people where they have time. We provide you with various advertising channels.

Screen advertising in the passenger compartment

Screens are installed in the buses. News, the weather, operating information and other entertainment media are displayed on it. Your ad could be in between. This is broadcast every few minutes throughout the day on all buses. This will give you a very high rate of views.

Rear, side and full advertising on the bus

Rear, side or full advertising on the bus is extremely attractive and efficient, but requires compliance with several safety regulations. Advertisers, graphic artists, designers, foil printers and stickers on the bus are therefore particularly challenged, especially when an entire bus is designed as an advertising medium. This type of advertising requires reliable and serious teamwork with several partners and authorities. The successful conclusion of such an advertising project will be a lasting result and experience for everyone involved.

The Vaduz media company takes care of your advertising in and on the bus for LIEmobil. For more information or to make a booking, please contact Vaduzer Medienhaus AG in Vaduz. Your contact:
Dietmar Hasler, +423 236 16 16, info@medienhaus.li.


Cooperation for companies and accommodation providers

FAIRTIQ business solutions

The ticket app FAIRTIQ offers tailor-made B2B solutions for companies, such as:

  • monthly public transport credit for all employees
  • Incentives for employees
  • free travel for all employees between different company locations
  • Discounted trips within certain zones

Find out more about the business options for promoting mobility in your company.

  • Presentation B2B-Solutions FAIRTIQ (in German)

LIEmobil cooperation tickets

LIEmobil offers attractive cooperation tickets for local companies and accommodation providers, which can be obtained from LIEmobil in the form of day or week tickets and passed on to employees/visitors.


Ticket ordering for companies and hotels
The cooperation tickets can be ordered by phone or email from LIEmobil. The following information must be provided:

  • Number of Tickets
  • For which route or zones should the tickets be valid?
  • Day passes or weekly passes?

Only standard tickets (daily or weekly tickets) are issued for a specific route/zone selected by the customer, the minimum order quantity is 20 tickets. The tickets are pre-printed with the name of the company/hotel and sent to the customer with an invoice.

Before the tickets are passed on, the issuing office must enter the expiry date with a waterproof pen in the space provided. This means that the cooperation tickets can be used directly as travel tickets. Tickets without a date entered are invalid.



Ticket cooperations for event organizers

Event organizers can use public transport to get visitors to and from the event free of charge, thereby avoiding traffic jams and parking problems. For events, the cooperation tickets are charged at a flat rate. The flat rate for the day tickets valid in all zones is put together based on the estimated number of people who visit the event by bus and do not have an annual pass. In order for visitors to the events to be able to show a ticket on the bus, a LIEmobil ticket stub must be printed on the invitation or admission ticket.

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